Website & App Wireframes

One of my favorite aspects of web and app design is the wireframing process. This is a collection of wireframes from a few different projects.

My contributiones to these projects: UX Design and Graphic Design.

Muse Storybuilder

The Muse Storybuilder is a SAAS offering that empowers people to tell more authentic and moving stories. This work resulted from a close collaboration with the founder of Muse Storytelling, myself, and an additional freelance UX designer we brought on board. I also created the visual design for the app while in the role of Art Director for Muse Storytelling



Final Design



Final Design




Final Design


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Manifest Insights

Manifest Insights is a consulting firm and software development company that offers business intelligence solutions. They needed a new website that better showcased the complex feature-set of their primary SAAS offering. I worked closely with their team to clarify their messaging, create new copy, develop custom iconography, and then I created the website's final visual design.

In the end, everything came together in a fresh and charming new website that hit all of our project's goals. To learn more about this work, see my Manifest Insights project. 

Website Wireframe

Finished Design

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Muse Storytelling

This was a web project that had a very short timeline. I only needed an extremely bare-bones wireframe to convey my thinking to team members. I threw that together, got everyone on board, and then I created the visual design. 

Super Basic Wireframe

Final Design


Infinite Closet Wireframes (with Annotations)

Infinite Closet was a start-up concept essentially creating NetFlix for designer clothing. Leveraging the billions of dollars of unused clothing in closets around the country, they wanted to make it possible for customers to turn a $50/mo. subscription into $2000 worth of clothes monthly.

I was involved in the website planning phase of the project, and created these wireframes for the website the agency proposed to the client. 

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