Hey, there. My name is Ryan, and I am a designer and illustrator. You can think of me as the baby Mr. Rogers had with Steve Jobs, and who went to a daycare center run by Alan Watts.

Like Mr. Rogers, playfulness, delight, and empowering others are top priorities for me. I share Steve Jobs' love and pursuit of excellence and beauty, and I sweat the details. And like Alan Watts, I see life through a deeply intellectual and spiritual lens.

I want balance, I want to help others, I want to do it with excellence, and I want it to be beautiful. And occasionally cute (where appropriate).

Featured Projects

Here are a couple of my favorite projects, but don't forget to check out the My Work section for more great stuff.  :)

Muse Storytelling Art Direction  

Muse Storytelling
Art Direction


Muse Storybuilder App Design

Muse Storybuilder

App Design

Hug the Universe Brand Creation

Hug the Universe

Brand Creation

My Design Process

The results I create are simple and elegant, but the process of getting there is quite complex and powered by sharply focused intention. Check out the My Process page for insight into how I think and what it’s like to work with me (spoiler alert: it's delightful). :)