Masterplans Branding & Website Redesign

Masterplans is a Fortune 500 business plan writing company, & the leader in their industry.

My work on this project included: Art Direction, UX Design, Branding Design, Icon Design, Website Visual Design, Creation of Marketing Collateral, and Project Management

Masterplans is coming up on their fifteenth anniversary of being in business, and needed a refreshed brand identity and website as part of a major reboot. The identity and website needed to reflect not only the passion and expertise of the team, but to better convey the high-quality of their services and differentiate them more clearly from their competition. 

Brand Identity

The preexisting Masterplans brand identity was utilizing a less-than-modern camel-case convention, and was missing the opportunity to say something compelling and memorable about the company. "Brand stickiness" was an overall goal for this project, and the existing logo didn't offer much in the way of being memorable.

Preexisting Brand Identity




The founder, Brent Butler, wanted to keep the convention of the "mp" in a circular shape. Additionally, a "coffee shop on Mars" themed video was being created as a key part of the updated website and marketing. I wanted to create something that would complement a futuristic theme without handcuffing the company's brand-identity to the content of the new marketing campaign. 

To convey the friendliness and approachability of the organization a rounded typeface was selected, and a versatile logomark was created that could be used in marketing collateral as things like a spotlight, speech bubble, or formed into compelling geometric patterns. 

We went with a more modern capitalization convention making the name all lowercase and eliminated the camel-case convention from the brand standards. 

Updated Final Design





Website Redesign

The existing website hadn't been updated in many years and wasn't providing much assistance in terms of increasing conversions of instilling faith in potential customers. 

Preexisting Website Design


New Website Design


Home Page


Stand-Alone Landing Page


Our Approach


Our Team


Display Ads for Launch Advertising

Various display ads were created to direct potential customers to discreet landing pages based on their specific business interests. Here are a few of those ads.