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Manifest Insights Website

Manifest Insights is a consulting firm and software development company that offers business intelligence solutions.

My contributions to this project included: Creative Direction, UX Design, Graphic Design, and Copywriting.

Manifest Insights needed a new website. Their primary SAAS offering had a complex feature-set that wasn't being clearly presented to their potential customers. The new website needed to highlight key features of the software, convey the company's personalized services that differentiate them from their competitors, and frame it all in a friendly yet professional light.

I worked closely with their team to clarify their messaging, create new copy, and develop custom iconography. In the end, everything came together in a fresh and charming new website that hit all of our project's goals.

Preexisting Website

The client wanted to keep the same basic brochure-style structure they were currently working with, but ramp up its efficacy.


Website Wireframe

I got to work fleshing out the basic structure of the page. This communicated the new direction to the client, his developers, and gave the marketing strategist important direction to reference and work from in her efforts.


Icon Design

I created a series of icons to showcase key features in a friendly and playful way. Here are a few examples of original sketches and the final icons. 

Final Design

And here is where it all came together in the final design!