Patrick Moreau

Co-Founder of Muse Storytelling & Stillmotion

As the co-founder of Stillmotion and Muse Storytelling, two companies that have worked with hundreds of designers in our 10+ years, Ryan is without a doubt one of the most talented folks I’ve ever worked with and we were incredibly fortunate to have him shape our brand.

He’s incredibly detail oriented, is always ensuring that he’s considering the bigger picture, and has a rare talent for bringing intention and purpose to everything he crafts.

I’ve never worked with an Art Director or Designer that brings the same level of passion and commitment to what he does as Ryan.



Amina Moreau

Co-founder of Stillmotion

Ryan's work is incredibly thoughtful, always having a deeper purpose behind every element of his designs. He's kind, collaborative, and a great person all-round.



Paul Hightower

Vice President Of Business Development at Masterplans

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan on the Masterplans brand relaunch. His attention to detail was exceptional and the imaginative, deliberate approach he took showed in the final product. Ryan did a great job of bringing his unique creative insight to the work while still hearing and integrating input from the decision makers here at Masterplans. He meshed seamlessly with our team and seemed to extract the best insight from everyone he interacted with.



Monica Maggio

Owner & Fruit Growing Expert at Core Home Fruit

Ryan's talents, expertise, creativity, and insights combined brilliantly to craft a brand that perfectly represents me and my business. Working with him was fun, very productive, and has enabled me to take my business to the next level.

His work has significantly boosted my confidence in marketing my business, and my business has exploded with success. I look forward to working with him as my business continues to grow.



Sheila Ashdown

Professional Writer & Editor

Before I started working with Ryan, I felt aimless and stressed about my website project. I’d worked with three other designer/illustrators and was never completely happy with the outcome—mostly because I wasn't able to fully articulate what I wanted. (I’m a writer—not so great with the visuals.)

Then I found Ryan, and he totally rescued the project for me. He started with a thorough discovery process that was unlike anything I’d experienced with a designer. He asked all the right questions and had a seemingly magical ability to draw out ideas that I didn’t even know were inside me. And he really listened. The theme he came up with (a literary black-sheep pirate) was totally spot-on. As soon as I heard it, I thought, 'I didn’t know that I wanted a black-sheep pirate theme, but hell yeah, that’s exactly what I want!' I laughed with delight for about 5 straight minutes when he presented it to me.

Honestly, I get a little emotional looking at my website, because I’m just so thrilled and delighted with it, and have gotten nothing but enthusiastic feedback. He put such heart and care into my project, and I feel grateful to have found him.



Dan Frantz

Therapist, Holistic Health Coach, Strength Coach & Columnist

In the process of working with Ryan on graphic design and branding, I strengthened my understanding of what I value most in business and how to better translate that into my work with clients. Plus, he nailed the logo and graphics 100%!! He's your guy.