The OMG Friends!

The OMG Friends are a family of pocket-sized adventure plushes that I created, mass-produced, and developed into a product line.

This project represents a very extensive body of work including: Creative Direction, Character Design, Illustration, Print Design, Photography, Marketing, Product Design, Web Design, Logo Design, Copywriting, and many other business-y things.

Project Objective: To create a brand and eCommerce website that delighted, enticed, and introduced the world to a new and beautiful family of wonderful products. 

This was a mammoth project that I worked on full-time with angel investors for two years. Strap in, because there's a lot of cuteness below.

Examples of the eCommerce site where the OMG Friends were marketed and sold.

Brand Identity

The OMG Friends logo was designed to embody the delight and excitement that people express when first seeing the critters. I created a custom typeface for the word "friends" to lend a friendly and handmade feel to the logo.



Sgt. Peepers the Adventure Owl

This is Sgt. Peepers the Adventure Owl. He is a seasoned world-traveler whose favorite means of transportation is riding in pockets. 

Butterscotch the Adventure Bunny

This is Butterscotch the Adventure Bunny. He enjoys candlelit cabbages and long walks along produce departments. He can frequently be heard asking “what’s for dinner?” and “are you gonna eat that?”

Truffles the Adventure Pig

This is Truffles the Adventure Pig. She loves warm socks, pancakes, books about quantum mechanics, and going to the library. It's not uncommon to hear her say things like “Do you have a library card? Let’s go get some books! Oooh! and french fries!”

And in case you're wondering, that is a tiny glass of milk and miniature books that I made. :) 

Shipping & Retail Display

The OMG Friends traveled to their new homes in stylish cardboard boxes, and congregated in retail shops in the beautiful wooden boxes you see below. 

Plushes to Illustrations

Most of my work begins with sketches, but I designed the OMG Friends through a process of iterating hand-sewn plushes. I eventually had to work my way backwards and figure out how to draw 2D versions of what I'd only known as 3D critters.

Scout Books & Postcards

I love finding old journals and getting to review what my life was about back then. That was the inspiration for these OMG Friends Scout Books. Each Adventure Journal has 32 blank pages, that are perfect for recording bits of epic journeys and general life-bits, and they’re high-quality, meaning they’ll be around for years to come. :)

Doernbecher Children's Hospital Donations

I had the opportunity to donate a few hundred OMG Friends! to Doernbecher Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve. Stuffed animals weren't going to cure what was ailing any of those precious wee ones, but love and delight are excellent medicines, and the OMG Friends! had a lot of both to give.

Miscellaneous Cuteness


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