Masterplans Website Planning

Masterplans is an Inc. 500 business plan writing company, & the leader of their industry.

My work on this project included: Art Direction, UX Design, Branding Design, Icon Design, Website Visual Design, Creation of Marketing Collateral, and Project Management


Project Objective: Masterplans was coming up on their fifteenth anniversary of being in business, and they weren't seeing the growth in engagement and sales that they wanted. As part of a major reboot, I worked with their core team to rebuild their brand identity and implement a highly effective new website.

The identity and website needed to reflect not only the passion and expertise of the team, but to better convey the high-quality of their services, differentiate them more clearly from their competition, and create a memorable impression. 

User Personas

To establish where the project needed to go, I conducted discovery interviews with key stakeholders and then distilled portions of the data I gathered into these personas. These personas represent the real-world needs of their core demographic and marketplace, and everything that follows was designed to speak to these individuals.


Website Wireframes

Here are a few examples of the process that went into planning the layout, structure, and flow of the website—long before any visual design pixels hit the screen. 

Product Overview Page

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Our Team Page

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Blog Overview

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Blog Post

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Mobile Layout Example

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