Masterplans Rebranding

Masterplans is an Inc. 500 business plan writing company, & the leader of their industry.

My work on this project included: Art Direction, Branding Design

Masterplans is coming up on their fifteenth anniversary of being in business, and needed a refreshed brand identity and website as part of a major reboot. The identity and website needed to reflect not only the passion and expertise of the team, but to better convey the high-quality of their services and differentiate them more clearly from their competition. 

This is an overview of the process of creating their new brand identity. 



 Final Combination Mark

Final Combination Mark



Preexisting Brand Identity

The preexisting Masterplans brand identity used a camel-case convention for the company name which felt a little outdated. The identity was also generally missing the opportunity to say something compelling and memorable about the company. "Brand stickiness" was an overall goal for this project, and the existing logo didn't offer much that could stick in people's minds.


 Original logo being replaced.

Original logo being replaced.



Logomark Explorations

The founder, Brent Butler, wanted to keep the "mp" in a circular shape to maintain an element of the brand that existing clients were already familiar with. Additionally, a "coffee shop on Mars" themed video was being created as a key part of the updated website and forthcoming marketing campaign. I wanted to create something that would complement a futuristic theme without handcuffing the company's brand-identity to the content of the new marketing campaign. 

Here are a few of the early concepts that we explored. 


Testing Typefaces

Typefaces are beautiful and multifaceted creatures. Each typeface conveys a different emotion and personality, even if the average viewer can't necessarily articulate what creates that sensed feel. After identifying the basic qualities of the organization and team that we wanted to convey, many many many typefaces were explored to determine which had the desired qualities.

These were a few:

And the winner is...

We uncovered several strong candidates for the new Masterplans brand identity during this project, but in the end, a clear winner shot in front of the rest. 

To convey the friendliness and approachability of the organization, a rounded typeface was selected. A versatile logomark was created whose shape could be adapted to clever uses in marketing-collateral and products—like representing a spotlight, speech bubble, or to create attractive geometric patterns. 




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