Lang Baan Website

Lang Baan is an award-winning Thai restaurant in Portland, Oregon.

My work on this project included: Creative Direction, UX Design, Graphic Design, and Photography

Project Objective: Lang Baan was voted the “2014 Restaurant of the Year” by Portland Monthly Magazine. It was experiencing a huge period of growth following this well-deserved bit of press, and owner Earl Ninsom needed a website that could keep up with the needs of his diners and restaurant staff.

The new website's job was to present the restaurant's uniqueness, make the menus easily accessible, streamline the process of booking reservations, and save time by simplifying his staff's workflow.


These are a couple of my hand drawn wireframes from the planning phase of this project.

Mood Boards

The mood boards consisted of photos I took of the restaurant's interior. The intention was to create an impression of how dining at Lang Baan feels, & these photos inspired the visual design. 

(Photo of Earl Ninsom by  Christine Dong )

(Photo of Earl Ninsom by Christine Dong)

Landing Page

And here is where it all came together in the final designs! 

Who We Are Page


Menu Page


Responsive Layouts