Design & Marketing Photography

My contributions to these project: Creative Direction and Photography.

Korakia Pensione

Korakia Pensione is a Moroccan-themed boutique hotel in Palm Springs, California. The client needed to capture the ambiance of the property, showcase various amenities of the hotel, and promote the extensive renovations that had been done by the new owners. 

Core Home Fruit

Core Home Fruit is a pruning and consulting business owned and operated by fruit-growing expert, Monica Maggio. Monica needed photos to use in her marketing collateral, as well as the presentations featured in her popular teaching events.

The Ne'er-Do-Well

The Ne’er-Do-Well is an online literary magazine founded and curated by Sheila Ashdown, a professional freelance writer and editor. The website publishes “misfit lit,” and the branding that I developed for this website features a black sheep pirate called “Black Baaa The Pirate.” 

The image is of a crumpled-up page from a typewriter that I fashioned into the shape of a skull and placed over broken pencil crossbones. This represents the frustrations writers often experience with self-doubt and writer's block. 

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The OMG Friends

The OMG Friends are a family of pocket-sized adventure plushes that I created and developed into a product line. The characters’ personalities and stories include meaningful messages about friendship, courage, creativity, exploration, overcoming obstacles, and accomplishing awesome stuff in the world. 

The product photos needed to communicate compelling things about the characters’ personalities and stories, as well as support things like holiday promotions.