Brand Identities

This is a collection of a few brand identities I've created.

My contributions to these projects included: Creative Direction, Visual Design, Branding Design, Brand Identity Creation, and Illustration.

Ideas with Heart

My freelance business-entity used to be Ideas with Heart, LLC. I developed (and kept) the concept of “Ideas with Heart” because I strive for solutions that are intelligent, clever, and that move people emotionally.

Bogus Belief Busters

Bogus Belief Busters is a personal development brand that brings edginess and humor to the topic of self-improvement.

The final concept represents the idea of false beliefs as a sort of thought-bubble villain. 

Logo Concept Sketches

So Many Iterations

Logo Evolution

A little insight into the iteration process that goes into finding the right visual balance of elements. What you see below is a few of the many many many many adjustments made on the way from idea to finished piece. 

The OMG Friends

The OMG Friends are a family of pocket-sized adventure plushes that I created and developed into a brand. The logo was designed to embody the delight and excitement that people express when first seeing the product line, as well as the excitement for life that the characters embody.

I created a custom typeface for the word "friends" to lend a friendly and handmade feel to the logo.

Brand Identity in Action

Gen Equity PACs

Gen Equity PACs is a Southern California-based political action committee that is committed to improving education, opportunity, and security for future generations. Their brand identity had to incorporate the stylized “G” from the preexisting Gen Next branding (their sister organization), while clearly establishing its own identity.

This logomark represents a cornerstone, which is the first and most important block laid when creating a structure. This concept speaks to the organization's solidarity, strength, and resolve to pioneer lasting change.

 Vertical Orientation

Vertical Orientation

 Horizontal Orientation

Horizontal Orientation

Logo Concept Sketches

These are a few pages of sketches from early brainstorming sessions. These concepts didn't make it into the final design round, but they're fun visual notes. 

Core Home Fruit

Core Home Fruit is a pruning and consulting business owned and operated by fruit-growing expert, Monica Maggio. Monica needed to expand her existing brand to more clearly communicate with potential clients while maintaining the brand-recognition she'd already established.

Preexisting Brand Identity

I decided that creating an aesthetic reminiscent of 1950s kitchens and homemaking would do well to express the warm fuzzies that can come from growing your own fruit. The client loved this idea. Typefaces were selected to communicate a friendly yet professional tone. 

Redesigned Brand Identity

Core Fruit Institute:
Branding in Action

A complimentary brand palette and identity was created for Core Home Fruit's educational branch, Core Fruit Institute. This is a promotional poster that was hung in local fruit-nerd-friendly establishments. 

Client Testimonial

Ryan's talents, expertise, creativity, and insights combined brilliantly to craft a brand that perfectly represents me and my business. Working with him was fun, very productive, and has enabled me to take my business to the next level. His work has significantly boosted my confidence in marketing my business, and my business has exploded with success. I look forward to working with him as my business continues to grow.

Monica Maggio
Fruit Growing Expert


Masterplans is coming up on their fifteenth anniversary of being in business, and needed a refreshed brand identity and website as part of a major reboot. The new identity needed to reflect the passion and expertise of the team, better convey the high-quality of their services, and differentiate them more clearly from their competition. 





Mix Restaurant

Mix is the flagship restaurant at the Anaheim Hilton in Southern California.


Toe-Rific is a novelty candy company that was created by a podiatrist, and the product they're best known for are chocolate feet. Toe-Rific's products are quirky and unique, and the brand was designed to be playful yet refined.